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  Meet the Team

We, the Management team at Walley Care Direct, have always prided ourselves on working as a strong team.

We have always found that great teamwork enables us to offer the quality of care we admire. When we set up the company we set about creating a team of carers that would offer the Hope Valley the very best home help and quality of care - something that continues to make us proud!

Careful team selection and great training allows us all to perform at the highest level and create a warm, friendly and professional approach to the way we look after our service users.

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We, the Managegement Team, have taken the opportunity on this page to give a brief introduction to the rest of the team that we have around us so that you can start to get to know them, even before you meet them.

They are a great team and we know that they will serve you well.




Sharon Gordon

Sharon is our office manager.

Having worked in the care industry for over 14 years, initially as a carer then in office administration, she brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding about the workings of a health care facility. Since joining us in February 2014 she has brought calm to the hectic, busy Valley Care Direct office - and we are all benefitting from her efficiency and the smooth running of our administration.

She loves working with the people here and they love her very friendly and approachable personaility. 

When telephoning the office it will, no doubt, be Sharon that greats you.

Charlotte Delaney

Charlotte has been part of the Valley Care Direct Team for two years now on a part time basis and is an excellent carer.

She is very popular with all the service users she visits on a regular basis as she understands there needs and enjoys spending time with them.

When Charlotte is not working for Valley Care she can be found working as a qualified hairdresser in a local salon, which is an extra talent she is able to bring to her service users.


  Charlotte Delaney - home help professional


Jessica Mott  - Home Caring professional


Jessica Mott

Jessica is a popular carer with both staff and Service Users. Jess mostly does day time sits for our service users requiring longer periods of care.

Jess has completed all her mandatory training and is working towards her NVQ2 is Health and Social Care.



Deborah Halbert

Debbie is one of our more mature carers, she has been working with the Valley Care Team since January 2013, Debbie is a very experienced carer.

Most of her work is with our Service Users who have dementia.

Hher work involves longer sits or overnight sits which enables her to build up a valuable relationship with the Service Users involved.


  Deborah Halbert - Qualified dementia carer
Amy Flint - professional carer  

Amy Flint

Amy joined Valley care as an apprentice in January 2013 she has now completed her NVQ 3 at Buxton College. 

Amy has her own Service Users and has become a very popular member of the team.


Gronia Hall

Gronia works part time for Valley Care as she is also employed in a Care Home which specialises in dementia.

She is very highly trained in Dementia Care and works with our service users who have dementia. She is very well liked by service users and their families.

  Gronia Hall - Highly qualifies dementia carer
Ruth Cox - Qualified dementia carer  


Ruth Cox

Ruth came to Valley Care early last year, she had experience as a Carer as she had worked for another Care Agency.

Ruth has now completed all her training, Ruth spends a lot of her working day with our Service Users with Dementia as she has the qualities needed to work well with these Service Users.

Vicky Beresford

Vicky started working for Valley Care in November 2013. She works hard and is a valuble member of the team, she is well liked by service users and all the staff.

  Lucy Ridley - Photo coming soon to Valley Care Direct
Kathey Ollerenshaw - Hope Valley home help and care provider  


Kathy Ollerenshaw

Kathy has been with Valley Care for about 2 years now. She is one our more experienced carers.

Kathy works on the night run and works with our team on Continuing Care work on night sits.

Kathy has all her mandatory training and is very well liked by all our Service Users.

Ann Peters

Ann has been with Valley Care since January 2014 ,she came to us with a wealth of experience.

She has completed all her training and is a well liked and valued member of our team.






Lucy Ridley

Lucy is one of our newest team menbers but comes to Valley Care with lots of associated care experience. Before joining us, having taken her "A" Levels )of which psychology was  most interest) she spent time as a community outreach worker as well as providing specialist autism support.

Since joining us she has completed all her mandatory training and is working towards expanding her care experience.

Her great personality and willingness to always help othes makes her a valued part of our team.

Dave Greenan

More details are to follow but we already know that Dave is a true gent in our team - He always raises a smile.

Lizzy Bradbury - care assistant at Valley Care Direct  


Lizzy Bradbury

Lizzy joined our team late last year after deciding she needed a change of direction in her work. She wanted to help people and make a difference to their lives and she definetly does!

Lizzy is a great carer and a great team player,she is compassionate about everything she does whether it is going to the shops for someone or caring for our sometimes very sick service users

Lizzy is always the same - A great carer.

Kath Fathers

Kath has been working for Valley Care for almost 18 months now and what a great carer she is. Many of the service users  hat Kath cares for would really prefer not to have anyone else!! 

Kath is one of the most thoughtful carers we could wish for as anything that is asked of her by service users she will find a way to do.

All in all Kath is a great asset to our team.

  Valley Care Direct - Care Assistant - Kath Fathers
Valley Care Direct - care assistant - Vivien Lane  


Vivien Lane

Vivienne is one of our more mature carers and came to work for Valley Care with a wealth of experience in care, having previously worked in the nursing home environment.

Vivien is a very friendly,happy carer which in itself is a great quality to have when caring for often older lonely people.

Vivien enjoys being out and about in the area and getting to know the service users and helping them in any way she can.


Fiona Andrews

More details are to follow about Fiona who is another valued member of our team

Gail Wright - Valley Care Direct - care assisitant  


Gail Wright

More details are to follow about Gail who is another valued member of our team


Lara Ollerenshaw

Lara is one of the younger members of our team and can usually be found working on night care alongside her mum Cathy.

Lara is a lovely caring,compassionate young lady who always has a ready smile and a good ear for listening.

Many of our service users really couldn't ask for anything more than the qualities Lara has - she has made a great member of our team.

  Lara Ollerenshaw - care assistant - Valley Care Direct
Gail Wright - Valley Care Direct - care assisitant  


Jessica Thompson

More details are to follow about Jessica who is another valued member of our team






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